Passion and Purpose 

"Fayethful Events is committed to meeting you at your point of need. From weddings to birthdays. Baby showers to bridal showers. 

I believe that your event plans need a planner.

Milestone moments should be joyful not stressful. From the most intimate of moments (surprise engagement parties) to the most grand celebrations (anniversaries and holidays).

 I want you to enjoy our hard work."

-Kendall Davis

Fayethful Events was birthed from the dreams of owner and creative director, Kendall Davis.  In 2010 she was able to apply her talent, skill, and passion to the details of a wedding for a friend.  While it would be another year before she would do another event of her own, Kendall continued to volunteer her services for friends and family.  In the Spring  of  2011 she decided to take her passion to the next level while planning a birthday party for a friend.  

Since then she has done more weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and local community events.

LaVergne, TN     (615) 507-0617
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